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Project Consultants & Affiliates

It has been NHI's longstanding practice to draw upon external experts to supplement resident staff and board members on our project teams.  It assures that we can always field state of the art expertise tailored to the specific and unique needs of each project, and it assures that we are never capacity-limited in undertaking cutting edge and trans-formational projects.  We also routinely involve consultants and affiliates in designing new project concepts.  



Annandale, George

Golder Associates, Inc. Expertise: reservoir sedimentation management

Beilfuss, Richard

President, International Cranes Foundation. Expertise: E-flows work and climate change impact on hydropower 

Humphries, Robert

Golder Associates, Inc. Expertise: fluvial geomorphology

Jensen, Erland

International Consultant in Environmental Services. Expertise: management of projects in Mekong River Basin

Kondolf, Matt

Professor of Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. Expertise: fluvial geomorphology, environmental planning & hydrology

Mallen-Cooper, Martin

International Consultant. Expertise: fishway biology

McKinney, Daene

University of Texas at Austin. Expertise: Simulation of transboundary water management problems

Rubin, Zan

UC Berkeley. Expertise: quantification of ecosystem impacts and restoration success

Solis, Samuel

UC Davis. Expertise: hydraulics, water resource management & policy

Wild, Tom

Cornell University. Expertise: water resources and environmental systems analysis

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