NHI is in business to provide effective and durable solutions for the conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.  Such solutions must be based on best available science, institutional arrangements, and law.  Will a measure as implemented actually achieve the intended results?  Our staff scientists, planners, and attorneys have the technical capacities and, more importantly, the strategic judgment to develop and implement such solutions.

NHI deliberately chooses complex problems where scientific knowledge is ambiguous, key stakeholders are deadlocked on whether or how to change the status quo, and the law does not control the result.  We have a track record of solving such problems.  We find the critical path through such inertia.  We help establish solutions that integrate: management objectives, accountability in performance, monitoring of impacts, and adaptation of these measures as necessary to achieve the objectives.  We rely on disciplined collaboration with other stakeholders to work effectively in ecosystems as diverse as local creeks in the San Francisco Bay Area and major river basins in China and Africa.

NHI is a public interest law firm.  We represent clients in courts and other venues.  We also work independently under charitable grants and contracts to assist government agencies and other stakeholders in restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

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